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Tomb Raider 4 The Last Revelation PC Game Free Download

Tomb Raider the Last Revelation is far and away the best of the sequels, mainly because Core has finally added some coherence to all aspects of the game. There's actually a story this time: Lara mistakenly unleashes the Egyptian god Set after eons of imprisonment. Before the evil spirit wreaks destruction on the planet, Lara must put this gnarly genie back in the bottle. Frequent prerendered and in game cutscenes punctuate the action, as Lara's cliched German enemy Dr. Von Croy challenges her at every turn. At least we do see Lara having actual conversations, especially with her mentor Jean Pierre, who adds to the plot by getting kidnapped later in the tale. And in the final leg, The Last Revelation takes a Hitchcockian turn, thrusting Lara into some of the world's most familiar landmarks, the Sphinx and Great Pyramid.
Tomb Raider The Last Revelation is the fourth instalment in the Tomb Raider video game series. It was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive. It was released on PC, PlayStation and eventually on the Sega Dreamcast with exclusive graphical and sound enhancements. The game was a commercial success, selling 5 million copies worldwide, and was the last Tomb Raider game released on "Greatest Hits".
Lara visits an old friend, Jean Yvre, who reveals to her the full magnitude of her mistake. He also reveals that the one place where she might find a way of reversing the damage is in the Tomb of Semerkhet, hidden in the ruins of Karnak. Lara goes there and, after fighting off Von Croy’s mercenaries, finds the entrance and opens it with the amulet. Von Croy follows her, steals the amulet and seals Lara inside. After negotiating various traps and strange enemies within the tomb itself, she finds inscriptions put there in case Set was ever released. It tells of the Armour of Horus, used by the god in his battle with Set. When an ancient astrological conjunction occurs called the Millennial Constellation, and the armour, together with the amulet, is placed on Horus’s statue within his temple under the Great Pyramid of Giza, the god can be summoned and imprison Set once again.
After escaping a monster in the Tomb resulting in her guide being killed and jumping aboard a train, she makes her way to Alexandria, where she once again meets Jean Yvre. He tells her that his excavations around Cleopatra’s palaces have been interrupted by strange creatures frightening the workers away. Lara goes through the palaces and eventually gains the armour. But, on returning to Jean Yvre, she finds that he has been kidnapped by Von Croy, with the price of his release being the armour.

Lara finally travels to Giza, where the forces of Set have gathered to block the way to Horus, since the Millennial Constellation is in position. Lara, after fighting her way through those forces and climbing the Great Pyramid, finds her way down into the Temple of Horus and, fitting the armour and amulet to the statue, summons Horus. Horus partially completes his transfer, but Set arrives and destroys the armour, though the amulet remains undamaged. Lara makes her way out, avoiding Set’s attacks until in the safe light of the constellation. Then she locks the doors into the temple with the amulet, trapping Set inside forever. Making her way out completely exhausted, Lara sees Von Croy at the entrance. Unsure about whether he is free of Set’s influence, she is unwilling to take his arm as the temple begins to collapse around her. Von Croy tries to save her as she hangs from a ledge, but is forced to rush out, leaving Lara to her presumed death. Von Croy doffs his hat and lowers his head at the collapsed entrance as the game ends.

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