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Tekken 5 Game Free Download Full Version For PC

Tekken 5 hit hard. That's one of the major factors that makes the game look so fantastic. The moves look like they hurt. This is something that many other fighting games seem to miss, but here, even the most basic dashing punch moves practically look like they're capable of shattering every bone in your body. Part of that is due to the great-looking particle effects that blast off of heavy hits, but a great deal of it is also due to the game's outstanding animation. The characters move extremely fluidly, and the motion-captured movements are really, really cool, even though some of them have been recycled from previous games.
Tekken 5 has many of the same character customization options found in Virtua Fighter 4. You can alter most of the characters (the inability to customize the wooden training dummy Mokujin seems like a missed opportunity for comedy, though) using currency you earn as you keep playing. Some of the changes you can make are simple color tweaks to the characters' outfits, but you can also pick up accessories, such as sunglasses, necklaces, or a basket full of fish for kung fu master Wang's back. Each character has unique customization options, and the options are different for each of a character's two primary costumes. Some characters also have a third costume that can be purchased, and some of these are just new outfits. Capoiera mistress Christie's third costume is an entirely different (though obviously familiar) character, who gets his own story mode intro and ending when selected.
Tekken 5 is really more of a Tekken series melting pot. Though it more closely resembles the Tekken 3 Tekken Tag pair of games, it still takes the best elements from the previous four titles and combines them into a single kickass experience. So while the bothersome wall infinites from Tekken 4 have been completely eliminated, players can still use the occasional barrier to get an advantage on their opponent. The uneven, mulutiple elevation stages have been nix too, but to acknowledge the fact those destructible goodies from the last game were a pretty good idea, the floors, walls, and certain other environmental spots still show damage when you smash into them. On a slightly less important note, the crouching command has thankfully been returned to its old "down press" designation instead of down diagonal meaning that players probably won't end up walking forward by accident when trying to duck as they did in the last one.
One of the primary reasons that Tekken 5's large cast of characters is so fun to use, though, (other than the usual list of insane juggles and intuitive reversals), is because there's literally a million things to do with them. Namco has always been famous for making its home versions of Tekken better than the arcade originals, but this time it has outdone itself. There's literally something in here for everyone.
And when I say there are a million things to do, I'm not just referring to the typical list of training modes, time trials, or two player matches either. Tekken 5 goes way beyond that. The game's beefy story mode, for instance, is definitely the best in the series: offering hand drawn and fully narrated prologues that are book ended by several badass ending cinemas. What's more, is that almost every single one of these endgame movies are surprisingly humorous in nature, and are fully packed with several laugh out loud moments. Go ahead and try to keep a straight face when enjoying the endings for Anna, Nina, or Asuka, for example, or try not to crack a smile when Heihachi's ambitious but highly entertaining finishing moment plays through.

Another cool addition to the game is the changes that have been made to the arcade mode. Following the standard set by Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution a few years back, Tekken 5 offers players the ability to play ranked CPU opponents for a simulated arcade experience. This feature further enables users the ability to set up and name their own personal profile to keep track of how good they really are and to use that stature to earn money. This basic philosophy means that the higher the rank of your CPU opponent, the more money you'll get when you beat him and once you have enough gold in your reserve, you can then go ahead and spend it to get tons of bonus goodies.

Core2Duo Clocked @ 3.20 GHz
RAM=1.0 GB
GPU: 8800GT
Hard drive Space=5.0 GB
Graphic Card=512 MB

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