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Luxor 3 Game Free Download Full Version PC Game

Luxor 3, the next smash hit in this awe inspiring series, takes you on an ethereal journey where your match-three skills are used to battle the power hungry god of Chaos! Free the spirits of other Egyptian gods by stopping the procession of approaching spheres before they reach the pyramid at the end of their path or all will be forever lost! There are seven unique game modes and many unlockable power-ups, ball sets and shooters! The Battle for Eternal Afterlife begins here, with Luxor 3!
he game remains similar to that in previous editions of Luxor: the main goal of the gameplay is to remove spheres of many different colors (ranging from four to nine different colors) from a track of spheres before they enter the pyramid at the end of a track. The lines of colored spheres are held by a bug at the back end, and a set number of these sets must be cleared.
Luxor 3 has canopic jars show up in the middle of the game: they will show up multiple times in each level until collected by being shot at by a sphere. Collecting all of these in the first four classic mode levels of each stage will unlock a bonus level at the end of the stage. After a jar is collected in a level or if all four jars are collected for a stage, then the remainder of the level or stage, respectively, will have golden scarabs show up to be exploded as with the jars. The golden scarabs drop from 3-6 ankh coins depending on the game's difficuly level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane.)
In general, 100 points are awarded for each sphere, with multipliers correspondent to the number of explosions concurrent from one launched sphere for the scoring. Shots reflected off a special figure have a 3x multiplier if scoring occurs. Many bonuses are awarded for different factors at the end of each level. Items falling from the playfield also are worth points. Ankh coins are worth 250 points for each one collected, while jewelry-type collectables are worth anywhere from 250 to 10,000 points each (higher-valued jewels are introduced as the game progresses, and levels in later stages often have jewels making up a very large part of the level scores). Scores at the end of levels often seem very large when compared to other computer games.
Red color (Ra)-
Fireball (destroys all spheres within a certain radius)
Speedshot (shoots spheres twice as fast as normal and projects a colored line to where the sphere will be placed if currently shot)
Green color (Geb)-
Reverse (sends all of the latest connected sets of spheres backwards in each line of spheres)
Net (collects all objects falling from the playfield all across the board)
Blue color (Nut)-
Slow (slows the progress of the spheres)
Lightning Bolt(causes one sphere to directly destroy all spheres within the width of the lightning bolt)
Yellow color (Isis)-
Stop (the progress of the spheres is temporarily halted)
Wild (one sphere can be used to complete a match or to make a match between spheres of two different colors)
Purple color (Horus)-
Color Bomb (destroys all present spheres of the color indicated on the falling power-up)
Scorpion (goes backwards from the pyramid and destroys a particular number of spheres; this will only work on the furthest out line of spheres even if not all of the possible spheres have been destroyed)
White color (Osiris)-
Color Cloud (turns all spheres within a radius to the color indicated on the falling power-up)
Color Replacer (next sphere will change all spheres of one color to the color indicated on the falling power-up)
(Note: through this point, this is the same order of color introduction throughout the main game of Zuma.)
Black color (Anubis)-
Pyramid Blocker (makes a certain number of spheres explode before reaching the pyramid, then this power-up explodes to remove a few more spheres)
Match Highlighter (makes bold circles around groups of two or more spheres with the same color as the sphere about to be shot)
Teal color (Thoth)-
Color Sort (arranges all of the spheres in all of the lines of spheres on the board into groups that can be easily destroyed)
Orange color (Sekhmet)-

Sandstorm (destroys half the spheres on the map, and rearranges the rest)

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