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The Mummy Game Free Download For PC Full Version

The Mummy proved to be the dumbest and therefore best swashbuckling action titles of recent times, largely due to the fact that it followed the essential b movie rule, that actors should say as little as possible, and that things should fall onto or near their heads at all possible times. An incredible soundtrack, some pretty faces, and some suitable B movie special effects made the whole thing a perfect package when it was released. ten years ago? It's been so long now we can't remember. Now it's time for the long awaited videogame translation of the movie, or as we prefer to call it, the "oh right, I remember that movie" game edition. Unless you've got an incredible game involved, attaching a bad game to a license only works if that license is fresh, hot, and ready to appear on the backpacks of Junior High students everywhere, or if it's Star Wars. Unfortunately, The Mummy is neither. Shallow, clumsy, and laughable, this is the game that will make you remember why you bought a PC in the first place. So you didn't have to play console game like this
In it, you play as Rick O'Connell Brendan Fraser's role in the film, a Foreign Legionnaire who's stumbled onto Hamunaptra, the fabled lost Egyptian city of the dead. While exploring the hidden pyramids and hunting for treasure, O'Connell and his companions an Egyptologist and her brother accidentally awaken Imhotep, a fallen priest who was cursed and mummified alive thousands of years before. Now you must stop Imhotep and send him back to his rest before the world falls prey to his evil machinations.
The Mummy is a third person action game that uses devices found in many other licensed games, though often with better results. Though Rick can be found jumping and climbing from time to time, the focus of the game is much more on action. Your character has a variety of weapons to fight enemies with such as his fists, a machete, dual pistols, a shotgun, a Lewis machine gun, dynamite, and magical amulets a kind of mystical grenade and he'll need them if he's going to fend off the horde of mummies Imhotep sends your way.
While it's relatively easy to barrel ahead and finish each level, there are many secret areas to explore and treasures to collect in The Mummy. Those willing to hunt down all of the hidden spots and items are rewarded with unlockable extras, which add a lot to the game's replay value. Unfortunately, you often have to access these areas by jumping from platform to platform over quicksand or lava, something that's far more difficult than it should be because of The Mummy's camera and control. Neither aspect is too problematic during the normal parts of game, but both are frustrating enough in the platform jumping segments that you'll likely put off exploring for later.
The game's dark and claustrophobic environments are acceptable given its setting, although they're not likely to impress you, and the game's suspect collision detection will often cause you to stick to parts of them. Likewise, the character models look nice enough, but their animations are often predictable or even robotic. Meanwhile, the game's soundtrack uses the score from the film and peaks with the action, though its transitions are very abrupt. The character voices are often taken directly from the film, except for the voice of O'Connell, who sounds like an Englishman doing his best impression of a square jawed American hero.
There's no saving The Mummy. The gameplay refuses to deliver fun, and the graphics, which must've been bad on the PlayStation version, are dismal on the PC. Jaggy textures, flat details, and the worst draw in depth I've seen in a long, long time about 10 game feet make the experience all the more painful. Characters are simple but passable that is, until you see them animate. The menu system suffers from console I tis, with little to no control over your option in game, and a blotchy look and feel familiar to anyone who's popped a Final Fantasy title into their PC.

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